Value Added Service

Buyers and sellers can view properties online, so what value do we, as REALTORS®, really add to a real estate transaction?

1. True Milestones agents are highly skilled negotiators.
We are trained and experienced in negotiation, and our instinct to say the right things at the right time can make your transaction a great success. When it comes to getting a fair price and a good deal, you want a professional that knows how to represent your interests during a real estate transaction.
2. We have inside knowledge
We know about ALL local listings - new to the market, price reduced, sold, expired, and historical data including "days on market" - and can explain why certain homes have sold for more/less.
3. We know how to make the market work for you
When your career is working directly with home buyers and sellers, your knowledge of the current market and statistics is second-to-none. Is there a type of home more buyers are currently looking for? Is there an up-and-coming neighbourhood that's about to take off? What helps sell a home faster and for more money? Ask us!
4. We make the legal process flow
Real estate transactions are full of detailed legal documents and conditions that are strict. Not having the right forms, knowing the right language to use for each condition of the sale, or overlooking an unexpected contract term can make you miss a sale or, worse, end up in legal trouble. We know the process inside-out and will explain each detail to you.
5. We know what the best deal looks like - for you
You want the best price in a specific market today. We know the best timing for sales and emerging trends in your area that aren't captured in the current prices of homes. There are many aspects of a home that have hidden value and are often missed!
6. We will advise you on improvements to make, staging tips, pricing strategies, and offer you exceptional service to make the whole process as exciting and positive as it should be.
7. Project and Contract Management offer by our Broker of Record, Tom Marchese
Minor Home Improvement items can make a major impact on value in the eyes of a buyer.  Examples include small wall and ceiling damage, broken tiles, and damaged caulking around windows and sinks.  If these deficiencies are not addressed, a prospective buyer may be discouraged if a comparable property is available.  We offer to Project Manage minor Home Improvement projects to maximize the appeal of your home!
8. Our Team
When you hire True Milestones for your real estate needs, you get a team of people with the highest of quality standards working for you! 

We're always happy to answer your real estate questions, feel free to give us a call anytime.