From Full Service Brokerage to Commission Free, and everything in between!  We offer Custom Service options that match your goals, and expectations.
We pride ourselves in being savvy negotiators.  We use a principled-based negotiation approach to get to the best possible result.  As you would expect, our Full Service commission rates include this valuable option.  However, maybe you are a savvy negotiator, and feel you don't require that part of our service ... so why pay a Full Service commission rate for a service you don't want?
Our marketing approach leverages every available tool to Real Estate Brokerages.  We use professional photographers, build virtual tours, MLS listing, Face-Book campaigns, home staging, and text-lead capture.  What if you don't want an open house because you have extremely valuable items in your home and you're worried about security?  We can remove that option from the service ... and the commission rate is reflective of that service option exclusion.
Commission Free listings are flat rate MLS postings.  If you're prepared to do all the work, and all you need is exposure on, we have a service option for that, too!
Listing Your Property
We don't just put a sign on your front yard and hope for the best.  We put a lot of work into determining a strategic price based on overall market conditions, your specific goals, our knowledge of the area, and the condition of your home.
Our optional two phase marketing approach is designed to put more of the selling value in your pocket.
Purchasing Your Next Property
No pressure!  Nobody works harder than us to find a property that suits your goals.  We provide detailed market analysis, and investment intelligence so that you can make an informed decision.
Contact us to learn more!